Pinypon House of Flowers

Pinypon house of flowers brings the entire collection of dolls and accessories to life. In the mini universe everything to your little ones imagination can be customised and changed according to however they desire it to be set out.

In the Pin Y Pon house of flowers the wall paper can be changed easily to any current or contemporary design by your little one. They can use their imagination to customise the decorative flowers around the house and also in the top balcony ledge.

The house includes wardrobes with drawers and mirrors in the centre of the house with a carry handle that can easily be detached and removed if you are planning a visit out. This purpose makes it ideal for any car journey to keep everything in one place and most importantly your young one occupied.

The Pinypon dolls move around the House of Flowers by the lift that is fun to use and builds your young ones’ hand and eye coordination skills. Also featured is a centre stair case where the dolls would move to take a lay down in the comfortable bed after those long play days full of fun.

Other rooms included in the House of Flowers are a kitchen with table, pots and cupboard doors that open, a wide-screen television for sitting back and relaxing, even a stable for all the animals so they can sleep in comfort.

There are two Pinypon dolls included in this collection that can also be fully customised. Their faces can have their own mod as the face can be reversed (front and back expressions) and any hair style can be given. With many clothes and accessories available, the Pinypon dolls are the coolest dolls available on the market and they are quickly becoming the must have toy of 2011.

Pinypon House of Flowers includes 2 characters, 1 animal, and over 50 accessories. This combined set is a fantastic gift for any little one and will keep them occupied for hours, teaching them to use their own imagination with role-play and giving them an excellent opportunity to show their own personality and style through the dolls.

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Pinypon House of Flowers

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