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Pinypon brand

Pinypon or Pin Y Pon are the new latest doll craze being released in the UK under big toy producer/retailer Tomy. These are set to be hugely popular as the dolls are all customisable.  Their bodies, accessories and hair can all be swapped therefore creating a unique look every time.  Also, each of the dolls have two facial expressions on either side of their heads allowing even more different looks.  Some of the dolls are also flower scented.

Pinypon is set to be very sought after as children will want to collect them all due to the amount of accessories available increasing the amount of combinations that can be made.

There is already numerous Pin Y Pon dolls available either in singular packs or some come with pets in a handy carry pack.  There is gift set travel packs as the Pin Y Pon dolls love to travel, currently there are sets for New York and Paris, both containing unique accessories associated with that Country.  For example the Paris pack contains a French Poodle and a mini Eiffel Tower.  The New York pack contains a New York Yankees cap and a State of Liberty crown.  As the product range expands, it is assumed more countries will be added.

As the Pinypon dolls love to travel, there are also cars available to buy, each of which come with a doll and a picnic including plate, cutlery, flask and food. The other vehicle available is a caravan, the pack also includes a doll, a pet and even has a surfboard, a boat with a slide, deck chairs for relaxing and even a little pool with a shower that squirts out water.  The pack also includes multiple accessories for decorating the pinypon doll and caravan including a sheet of stickers.

The Pin Y Pons need a home and sure enough, this product range has produced one – the Pinypon apartment.  You can open up the apartment and there is a roof terrace where the dolls can play and relax with their pets.  There is a bedroom, lounge, kitchen and also a swinging hammock.  The apartment has been made to travel with the child due to the handle that the child can easily lift and transport it anywhere.

You can view all of the Pinypon dolls and toys in our store.

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