Pinypon Hotel Figure Collection

Pinypon hotel figure collection adds another dimension to the Pinypon mini-world. The luxury hotel includes a reception to welcome every guests new arrival. The animals have a number of areas where they can play including the patio, the swimming pool, the terraces and there’s also a cheeky hiding places such as the hidden door on the far left of the hotel.

Your little one can spend endless amounts of time playing with the many accessories and hidden doors and features all over the Pinypon hotel. You can put the Pinyon dolls to rest in the hotel beds with their own room key or they can visit the ground floor for a relaxing swim in the featured pool. If that’s not enough, they can venture outside to the patio set, with bedded flowers to gaze upon, and an umbrella to protect them from the sun if needed. If the dolls want to have some fun they can stroll up the stairs to a roundabout themed activity and swivel around and around until they are worn out. The dolls and pets can be easily seated on the turning roundabout to add more fun.

Above the centred reception area there is also a clock which is a great opportunity for your little one to familiarise themselves with telling the time and it is also a great learning way for parents and grandparents to join in with play and test their growing ones’ skills.

Pinypon Hotel Review

We believe that the Pinypon hotel is a fantastic figure collection set. It is packed with accessories and different rooms to keep any young one occupied. You also get a Pinypon doll and pet which adds to the great value. The hotel is easy to fold back together which makes it easier for parents and grandparents to store away – with a cloud handle, it’s also easy to carry. The Pinypon hotel is cheaper than it’s main rival the Pinypon House of Flowers and therefore a recommended purchase.

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Pinypon Dolls

Pinypon dolls are a fantastic new set of dolls that can individually be customised to any unique style. The fun will begin for your young one when the collection starts. With each Pinypon doll the hair can be swapped to any style in a wide variety of colours including blonde, orange, purple, blue, pink, and many more. Each Pinypon doll also has two facial expressions on either site of her head so this can be easily rotated along with the hair to create a completely new look.

Pinypon pink doll

Some of the Pinypon doll sets also include a cute little pet friend. There are many different pets available that include a turtle, dog, cat, any many more, that come in a wide range of colours to accessories to the doll’s unique look. In the Pinypon House of Flowers set, there is a separate living space for the pet which brings the new Pinypon world to life.

There are also scented Pinypon dolls available that gives the dolls an added attraction of their own perform, such as the Pinypon Scented Doll with Blue hair. You will also find that there is a temporary tattoo available in these packs which adds to the great value of the set.

Recommended Pinypon Dolls

We would recommend purchasing the Pinypon doll set that comes complete in an easy to carry strapped bag. The bag itself comes in various colours and is in a funky star shape to make your little one look trendy, easily carried by putting the bag handles over the shoulder. In this cool set is a companion to the doll which is a pet to add to the collection.

Pinypon red carry bag photo 

Other Recommendations and advice

How many Pinypon dolls are there? There are currently 8 Pinypon dolls available which is the perfect gift set to buy now and includes every style and doll.

Pinypon House of Flowers

Pinypon house of flowers brings the entire collection of dolls and accessories to life. In the mini universe everything to your little ones imagination can be customised and changed according to however they desire it to be set out.

In the Pin Y Pon house of flowers the wall paper can be changed easily to any current or contemporary design by your little one. They can use their imagination to customise the decorative flowers around the house and also in the top balcony ledge.

The house includes wardrobes with drawers and mirrors in the centre of the house with a carry handle that can easily be detached and removed if you are planning a visit out. This purpose makes it ideal for any car journey to keep everything in one place and most importantly your young one occupied.

The Pinypon dolls move around the House of Flowers by the lift that is fun to use and builds your young ones’ hand and eye coordination skills. Also featured is a centre stair case where the dolls would move to take a lay down in the comfortable bed after those long play days full of fun.

Other rooms included in the House of Flowers are a kitchen with table, pots and cupboard doors that open, a wide-screen television for sitting back and relaxing, even a stable for all the animals so they can sleep in comfort.

There are two Pinypon dolls included in this collection that can also be fully customised. Their faces can have their own mod as the face can be reversed (front and back expressions) and any hair style can be given. With many clothes and accessories available, the Pinypon dolls are the coolest dolls available on the market and they are quickly becoming the must have toy of 2011.

Pinypon House of Flowers includes 2 characters, 1 animal, and over 50 accessories. This combined set is a fantastic gift for any little one and will keep them occupied for hours, teaching them to use their own imagination with role-play and giving them an excellent opportunity to show their own personality and style through the dolls.

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Pinypon House of Flowers

Pinypon Camper van (Caravan)

With Christmas fast approaching there will be numerous toy adverts with new up and coming toys due to be released. One of which caught my eye was for new toys pinypons on an advert break on the childrens’ channel Nickelodeon. These are sure to be a big hit due to the numerous accessories already available. The advert showed the new Pinypon camper van which is sure to be a sell out upon release.

Pinypon caravan has surfboards which clip onto the roof and the roof even doubles up as a boat with a slide. The pinypon camper van comes with chairs, a camping table as well as lots more accessories. The camper van pack includes a pinypon figure and a pinypon pet, which will help any child in their collection of the numerous dolls available.

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pinypon camper van

About Pinypon

Pinypon brand

Pinypon or Pin Y Pon are the new latest doll craze being released in the UK under big toy producer/retailer Tomy. These are set to be hugely popular as the dolls are all customisable.  Their bodies, accessories and hair can all be swapped therefore creating a unique look every time.  Also, each of the dolls have two facial expressions on either side of their heads allowing even more different looks.  Some of the dolls are also flower scented.

Pinypon is set to be very sought after as children will want to collect them all due to the amount of accessories available increasing the amount of combinations that can be made.

There is already numerous Pin Y Pon dolls available either in singular packs or some come with pets in a handy carry pack.  There is gift set travel packs as the Pin Y Pon dolls love to travel, currently there are sets for New York and Paris, both containing unique accessories associated with that Country.  For example the Paris pack contains a French Poodle and a mini Eiffel Tower.  The New York pack contains a New York Yankees cap and a State of Liberty crown.  As the product range expands, it is assumed more countries will be added.

As the Pinypon dolls love to travel, there are also cars available to buy, each of which come with a doll and a picnic including plate, cutlery, flask and food. The other vehicle available is a caravan, the pack also includes a doll, a pet and even has a surfboard, a boat with a slide, deck chairs for relaxing and even a little pool with a shower that squirts out water.  The pack also includes multiple accessories for decorating the pinypon doll and caravan including a sheet of stickers.

The Pin Y Pons need a home and sure enough, this product range has produced one – the Pinypon apartment.  You can open up the apartment and there is a roof terrace where the dolls can play and relax with their pets.  There is a bedroom, lounge, kitchen and also a swinging hammock.  The apartment has been made to travel with the child due to the handle that the child can easily lift and transport it anywhere.

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