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Pinypon Walk-in Closet Set

Pinypon Walk-in closet

PinyPon walk-in closet set offers a great new dimension to the Pinypon world which opens new doors to customise little girl’s Pinypon doll in accordance to their mood. Little ones can unlock their imagination and express their own taste of fashion all within this set. Every Pinypon doll is interchangeable and can be completed modified

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Pinypon Car

Pinypon car green

Pinypon car is the ideal addition to every Pinypon doll world. With two colours to choose from, Pinypon car comes in green and pink. Each car can be customised from a large selection of decorative stickers which are included in this fantastic set. Pinypon doll can cruise in this car in style to the nearest

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PinyPon Doll Paris Travel Gift Set

Pinypon dolls in Paris

PinyPon loves to travel and why not visit one of the best capitals in the world, Paris, France. This trendy city means that your Pinypon doll has to step it up a game and join in with the best of the fashion icons. Customise your Pinypon doll with a brand new adaptable outfit, ready to

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Pinypon Doll and Pet with red bag

Pinypon doll and pet with red bag

This PinyPon set is a fantastic gift idea for every little one, whether they are first entering the unique Pinypon world or adding to their collection. This gift set includes a PinyPon doll, pet, many accessories and also a cool and trendy red carry bag. There’s a cute Pinypon doll with purple hair included in

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Pinypon Doll Lilac Straight Hair

Pinypon doll lilac straight hair

Pinypon creative world comes to life by adding more Pinypon dolls to the collection. Little ones can explore their imagination in the Pinypon world by customising the dolls according to their mood at the time. Our Pinypon doll features lilac straight hair, a cheeky wink expression, matching lilac trousers and many accessories including a bow

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PinyPon 6 Figure doll set

Pinypon 6 dolls gift set

Pinypon is a fantastic new range of highly collectable and enjoyable play dolls and imaginative worlds. This PinyPon 6 figure doll set is a great way start off your own little one’s collection or add to because it includes 6 Pinypon dolls, 4 pets and lots of accessories (30 in total) to customise the doll’s

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PinyPon Advert

pinypon dolls

Pinypon has recently hit the UK after being incredibly successful in Spain and Italy and it has been taken by storm. accessories have been advertised on Channel 5 Milkshake and also Nickelodeon which has started a snowballing effect with little ones and is tipped to be a top Christmas present. You can see the

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PinyPon Shopping Centre

PinyPon Shopping Centre

Pinypon wonderful world has just got even better with now a shopping centre available for your Pinypon doll to check out the latest fashion and accessories or even to grab a bite to eat with friends. PinyPon shopping centre offers a variety of new imaginative areas for your Pinypon dolls to explore in this fantastic

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Pinypon Lovers Doll Set

pinypon lovers gift set packaged

Pinypon dolls have added a new dimension to the collection by adding the all new lovers gift set. Every fashionable girl needs an attractive man in their life and on their side, this is exactly what the Pinypon Lovers set now offers. Pinypon lovers gift set includes one girl and one boy with many accessories

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Pinypon Dolls

Pinypon red carry bag photo

Pinypon dolls are a fantastic new set of dolls that can individually be customised to any unique style. The fun will begin for your young one when the collection starts. With each Pinypon doll the hair can be swapped to any style in a wide variety of colours including blonde, orange, purple, blue, pink, and

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