PinyPon 6 Figure doll set

Pinypon is a fantastic new range of highly collectable and enjoyable play dolls and imaginative worlds. This PinyPon 6 figure doll set is a great way start off your own little one’s collection or add to because it includes 6 Pinypon dolls, 4 pets and lots of accessories (30 in total) to customise the doll’s look. There’s also an A3 poster included in the set.

Pinypon 6 dolls gift set

You can create a unique look to each Pinypon doll because they have interchangeable bodies, hair styles and even facial expressions. Accessories are easily pinned to each doll to add that something extra special to make the dolls fashionable divas. Your little one’s imagination can really be explored with this fantastic set which is also ideal to improve children’s mobility skills and express their own fashion sense. Looking after the Pinypon pets gives responsibility which is an important life skill and it’s also fantastic fun at the same time.

PinyPon 6 figure doll set is a fantastic Pinypon collection and is great value for what is included. This will keep your little ones occupied and entertained for hours which is why we would highly recommend this as a purchase.

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