Pinypon Apartment Playset

Pinypon apartment playset is a fantastic gift to add to any Pinypon dolls collection or as a great starter playset. Your little one will be taken straight into their own Pinypon world with the apartment set that includes 1 Pinypon doll, 1 pet and over 30 accessories.

pinypon apartment playset

Pin Y Pon apartment playset has 6 different rooms and also an outside garden. There’s a front door that can welcome any guest into the apartment, that can be accessorised with table ad waste bin for collecting and disposing of any mail. Also downstairs is the main kitchen area to create a treat for the Pinypon doll and friends to dinner or for rustling up a well deserved meal for the pet. The kitchen doors can be opened and accessorised with food for the doll or the pet’s food bowl. There is also a garden that extends out to show off the flower filled garden and also a cool tree house, with added butterfly, where the Pinypon doll can chill out or play with her delightful pet. Moving upstairs to the first floor, the main bedroom area features a bed for your little one’s doll, storage draw beneath, even a little bed for the pet cat. Accessories such as picture frame side lamp can be added. To the otherside of the bedroom there is additional storage in the form of two separate draws where the Pinypon doll can pop all of her essential bits and pieces. At the very top of the apartment there is a fun swing where the pet or doll can hang out or wander further across to the other side of the top level apartment to sunbath on the sun lounger or move further up the steps to browse upon the scenery or star gaze of a night time. There’s many more accessories included and stickers to customise absolutely everything.

Pin Y Pon apartment playset can be easily folded closed and has a carry handle which is ideal for your little one to carry any where with them or to store away.

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pinypon apartment playset box

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