Pinypon Doll and Pet with red bag

This PinyPon set is a fantastic gift idea for every little one, whether they are first entering the unique Pinypon world or adding to their collection. This gift set includes a PinyPon doll, pet, many accessories and also a cool and trendy red carry bag.

Pinypon doll and pet with red bag

There’s a cute Pinypon doll with purple hair included in this set along with a matching purple cute kitty cat. You can gift the doll a unique look by adding the fantastic accessories included in the set – whether that be a trendy handbag, hair clips or jewellery. Don’t forgot the pet as well, everything can be customised to create a cool contemporary look.

The great thing about this set is that everything can be contained within the bag included, so those little accessories do not get lost and so it can be carried safely out if your little one is going on a journey somewhere or if they are taking the set with them round to a friend’s house. With the stylish bag as well, your little one will feel fashionable carrying the set rather than parring it off to mum or dad.

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