Pinypon Doll Lilac Straight Hair

Pinypon creative world comes to life by adding more Pinypon dolls to the collection. Little ones can explore their imagination in the Pinypon world by customising the dolls according to their mood at the time.

Pinypon doll lilac straight hair

Our Pinypon doll features lilac straight hair, a cheeky wink expression, matching lilac trousers and many accessories including a bow in her hair, handbag, dimonte belt and jewelled bracelet.

The adorable Pinypon dolls can be completely unique because they are totally interchangeable with endless combinations from their facial expressions (their heads can be rotated to show a different emotion), the hair can be customised and there are many different cool and funky accessories that can be added.

Each Pinypon doll is approximately 3″ in height and there are 6 Pinypon figures to collect.

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