PinyPon Doll Paris Travel Gift Set

PinyPon loves to travel and why not visit one of the best capitals in the world, Paris, France. This trendy city means that your Pinypon doll has to step it up a game and join in with the best of the fashion icons.

Pinypon dolls in Paris

Customise your Pinypon doll with a brand new adaptable outfit, ready to hit those Paris shops and show off the latest looks. Add a touch of pooch class by also bringing along your favourite loved one.

In this Pinypon Paris travel pack included are two Pinypon dolls, 1 super cool pink poodle pet, three postcards and over 30 accessories that includes a French beret, glittery ‘Paris’ top the Eiffel Tower, camera, hair clips and much much more.

Price and More Information

Pinypon travel gift set to Paris

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