Pinypon Dolls

Pinypon dolls are a fantastic new set of dolls that can individually be customised to any unique style. The fun will begin for your young one when the collection starts. With each Pinypon doll the hair can be swapped to any style in a wide variety of colours including blonde, orange, purple, blue, pink, and many more. Each Pinypon doll also has two facial expressions on either site of her head so this can be easily rotated along with the hair to create a completely new look.

Pinypon pink doll

Some of the Pinypon doll sets also include a cute little pet friend. There are many different pets available that include a turtle, dog, cat, any many more, that come in a wide range of colours to accessories to the doll’s unique look. In the Pinypon House of Flowers set, there is a separate living space for the pet which brings the new Pinypon world to life.

There are also scented Pinypon dolls available that gives the dolls an added attraction of their own perform, such as the Pinypon Scented Doll with Blue hair. You will also find that there is a temporary tattoo available in these packs which adds to the great value of the set.

Recommended Pinypon Dolls

We would recommend purchasing the Pinypon doll set that comes complete in an easy to carry strapped bag. The bag itself comes in various colours and is in a funky star shape to make your little one look trendy, easily carried by putting the bag handles over the shoulder. In this cool set is a companion to the doll which is a pet to add to the collection.

Pinypon red carry bag photo 

Other Recommendations and advice

How many Pinypon dolls are there? There are currently 8 Pinypon dolls available which is the perfect gift set to buy now and includes every style and doll.

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