Pinypon Hotel Figure Collection

Pinypon hotel figure collection adds another dimension to the Pinypon mini-world. The luxury hotel includes a reception to welcome every guests new arrival. The animals have a number of areas where they can play including the patio, the swimming pool, the terraces and there’s also a cheeky hiding places such as the hidden door on the far left of the hotel.

Your little one can spend endless amounts of time playing with the many accessories and hidden doors and features all over the Pinypon hotel. You can put the Pinyon dolls to rest in the hotel beds with their own room key or they can visit the ground floor for a relaxing swim in the featured pool. If that’s not enough, they can venture outside to the patio set, with bedded flowers to gaze upon, and an umbrella to protect them from the sun if needed. If the dolls want to have some fun they can stroll up the stairs to a roundabout themed activity and swivel around and around until they are worn out. The dolls and pets can be easily seated on the turning roundabout to add more fun.

Above the centred reception area there is also a clock which is a great opportunity for your little one to familiarise themselves with telling the time and it is also a great learning way for parents and grandparents to join in with play and test their growing ones’ skills.

Pinypon Hotel Review

We believe that the Pinypon hotel is a fantastic figure collection set. It is packed with accessories and different rooms to keep any young one occupied. You also get a Pinypon doll and pet which adds to the great value. The hotel is easy to fold back together which makes it easier for parents and grandparents to store away – with a cloud handle, it’s also easy to carry. The Pinypon hotel is cheaper than it’s main rival the Pinypon House of Flowers and therefore a recommended purchase.

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