PinyPon Shopping Centre

Pinypon wonderful world has just got even better with now a shopping centre available for your Pinypon doll to check out the latest fashion and accessories or even to grab a bite to eat with friends.

PinyPon Shopping Centre

PinyPon shopping centre offers a variety of new imaginative areas for your Pinypon dolls to explore in this fantastic mini world. The shopping centre has automatic doors for the Pinypon dolls to gain access to the precinct area (featured beneath the slide) and two different floors, accessible by moving lift, full of interesting role play activities. Your little ones can check out the clothes store featured with a changing room, mirror, changing curtain and 360 degree podium for showing off the cool new outfit. The shop includes a real life cashier machine where the doll’s credit card can be slid into to complete the purchase of their new goods. During a shopping trip there has always got to be time taken out to eat and the shopping centre restaurant is a perfect way to sit back and relax. In the restaurant you can order a quick burger followed by an ice cream from the working vending machine or grabbing a quick drink and a smaller snack is absolutely perfect.

Pinypon shopping centre comes jammed packed with many accessories and also includes 2 Pinypon doll figures which is fantastic value for money and will also keep your little ones occupied in the mini Pinypon world for hours.

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