Pinypon Walk-in Closet Set

PinyPon walk-in closet set offers a great new dimension to the Pinypon world which opens new doors to customise little girl’s Pinypon doll in accordance to their mood. Little ones can unlock their imagination and express their own taste of fashion all within this set.

Pinypon Walk-in closet

Every Pinypon doll is interchangeable and can be completed modified from top to toe where endless combinations are possible to keep every Pinypon fan amused. There are two facial expressions on the dolls (front and back), hair can be easily changed, as well as clothes, and the most attractive features are the many accessories that can be added.

Pin y Pon walk in closet is the pinnacle fashion point and a must have giftset. The closest features a mirror for the girls to admire themselves in front of, beatufical decorative doors and an easy carry handle for those times when you are on the go, either in the car or at a friends / families’ house.

This set includes one Pinypon doll figure, a mascot pet and loads of accessories.

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